SuperGreen Solutions OC, a provider of solar, efficiency and green tech technology for homes and businesses has published a video about our off-grid solar powered rammed earth home. The video was produced by Diana D’Itri and videographer Stuart Christensen. We are so impressed with the way they have put this together to show others how sustainable desert living can be done in a way that is both elegant and affordable. Check and the nearby location . Thanks again to Diana and Stuart.

More people are looking for affordable alternative ways to live in an ever changing world. Climate change, higher prices, uncertainty with government, we the people need to find new ways to sustain the best life we can for ourselves, and for our children.
Even if you don’t have kids, you recognize that leaving a lasting legacy for the future means being mindful of waste and saving natural resources.
This documentary outlines 10 tips for making an affordable dwelling place that accomplishes the great task of being comfortable, spacious, earth conscious and 100% sustainable. No more mortgage, energy or water bills.
Kudos to Gerald and Sharon Katz for sharing their story with us.



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